History of Excelsior
Excelsior's uniqueness began as far back as 1902 when a class of 23 students and three faculty members met at the old Norwalk Grammar School on Walnut Street,  The class chose green and white as their school colors, and were called Excelsiorites.


As the years passed to the twenties.  Excelsiorites saw plans underway for construction of a new Excelsior Union High School on Pioneer and Alondra and upon completion in 1924, first classes were held.  During this era, slick-haired boys and girls, wearing the latest "bobs" introduced such traditions as Senior Horoscope and the Big E Club, a club later to be known as the Varsity Club.


During the next decade of change, an earthquake brought destruction to Excelsior, and in 1935 it was necessary to rebuild the administration building.  The thirties also brought many new traditions.  A Boy's League was formed and it became customary for juniors to receive sweaters and seniors to receive rings.  As the forties rolled around, upper classmen adopted the idea of aiding bewildered freshmen and with the help of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. The fifties brought still another tradition.  In an effort to promote school spirit, each class elected their own song and yell leaders and a Girls' Letter Club was formed.


The advanced systems and radical changes of the sixties brought many new changes.  IBM machines computing up-dated and sometimes completed registration.  The sixties also introduced new school mascots, Pilot Trueheart and Snoopy. These two helped our spirits soar as they flew off to games in their new Pilot plane.  The seventies brought it all together...fifties dances, western days, living up to traditions and trying to hold on to the memories and moments that passed by so quickly.


The year 1981, the end of an era of pride and happiness, when in June of  '81, the last class graduated from our school. 

Anonymous.  From a program printed for the Excelsior High All-Class Reunion, held on the athletic field, September 22, 1985.




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  Memorial Plaque dedicated to Pilots
who made the utltimate sacrifice in World War II.
Excelsior's WW II Fallen
Memorial Wall Honoring our Viet Nam Fatalities  
  Our Alma Mater
from the 1957 record
   (with genuine antique sound)
Choir sings our Alma Mater
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The Victory Bell 
by Rosie Rosenloft
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  Tribute to Coach Ernie Jensen 
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