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This privately owned newsletter has found its way into the hearts of many Excelsior alumni.  It has news, photos, announcements, letters from alumni, and a few ads placed by loyal alumni business people.  It carries appropriate alumni obituaries.  Typically, the issues contain nine pages, and are often supplemented with separate messages and announcements.

The word "join" in the coupon should be taken to mean "join" the community of Excelsior Life subscribers.  Membership in any organization, such as an alumni association, should not be implied, because no such entity exists.  The Excelsior Life is the sole proprietorship of Teri Bearden, who welcomes new subscribers.  Her e-mail address is teriexcel@aol.com.

Your Web site manager has a collection of every Excelsior Life, starting with Issue 001, printed in May, 1995.  It's a treasure of alumni information.