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Remember those bus rides?  From far or near, well, not too near or you had to walk, the Excelsior bus was there for you.  The ride to school was a solemn, almost funereal,  journey, while the trip back home was cheerful and chatty. We always said, "catch " the bus, like it was a fish or small animal, never meet the bus or board the bus.  But they were elusive, they arrived and left on their own schedule, not necessarily  when we were ready.

Excelsior was generous in providing transportation.  The "activity bus" gave us an extra hour on the campus when we needed.  The buses transported our teams, whether they were football or debaters to their various competitions. Field trips by the school bus to a variety of wondrous places were often taken for granted.

The following photo spread was initiated by Bob Hillskemper,  Class of 1946, whose father was a bus driver during the Second World War. 
Black Buses
Excelsior Seal
Fill 'er up
Buses were painted black in the 1930's.  1936 Annual.
This tile mosaic adorns the wall facing the bus loading
area, a gift, most likely, from a generous class.  Photo by Grant Hovey
Head bus driver Howard Steward fuels the bus, reminding us that the bus system was more complex than we realized. 1941 Annual.
Drivers Chat
WW II Bus Drivers
Aerial View
Unidentified bus drivers have a chat, perhaps about the antics of their passengers.  The black bow tie was  worn  by  many drivers. 1941 Annual Bus drivers during World War II included teachers and the brother of a teacher.  From left to right: Chris (last name unknown), unknown, unknown , Donald Gahr, brother of teacher Richard, Bill Storey, Bob Hillskemper, Arval Marcroft, Howard "Stew" Steward, teacher Lindsey Boggess,  Luther Ford, again, a faculty member, and Ed Finch, a teacher who was also in charge of  the bus schedules. 
Photo courtesy of  Bob Hillskemper, Class of 1946.

Aerial view of the Excelsior campus reveals black buses in a line ready to receive pupils.  Remember winding around these buildings in order to catch the bus? 1941 Annual. 
Crowding in Bus Boarding
Students preparing to board the buses in 1945.  Later, this area would be covered.  1945 Annual
By 1940 the familiar yellow bus had made its appearance.  1940 Annual
Boys only appear to be boarding the bus.  Are they on their way to a competition, or have they crowded in front of the girls?  1941 Annual.